Good protection requires knowledge of the threat

You need to keep your eye on the market. We can see the problems that are out there before they come your way. Knowing what those problems are is the starting point for a strong strategy to keep your brand safe. We cover all areas from standard trademark watching to domain name, content, social media and online platform watching. If it impacts on your brand we can watch it.

Watching – trademarks

Register the importance of registrations

We stand guard over your trademarks.

Trademark watching makes sure you’re ahead of the game.

We monitor trademark registrations the world over. So you have peace of mind that nothing is going to take you by surprise.

We watch – a lot. But we’ll always filter the results we send your way, so you can focus on the diamonds rather than the rough. And from that information, we can help you create policies around enforcement. So you don’t spend more time or effort than you have to.

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Watching – Domain name, content/social media and online platforms

We can help make the internet work for your brand, not against it
The internet can blur your vision. We bring it into focus

The internet provides so many opportunities. But they’re not all positive. Today, it’s easier than ever to rip off a brand or threaten another company’s trademarks. How do you keep an eye on such a breadth of possible threats? You don’t. We do.

We watch for anyone infringing on your brand. Whether that’s in a domain, content, social media or other online platform. We can watch them all together, or separately. Whichever works for you, your brand, and your budget. We’ll give you all the information you need to keep your brand safe.

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