Litigation and enforcement

Enforcement via other means than litigation

Most conflict needn’t end in litigation

Tackling your challenges from a strategic enforcement angle we appreciate that most conflict matters do not, and cannot, end in formal litigation. But that doesn’t mean they should go ignored. And we handle them.

We’re not a big law firm who rely on litigation. So we look to alternatives that can be more effective. For both getting the results you want and for your budget. Where we can, we keep you out of the courtroom and away from formal legal proceedings.

Stobbs has vast experience implementing a wide range of strategies. We can get as creative as the problem calls for. From multiple escalation points, to domain complaints. And from registry proceedings, to other commercial avenues. We never run out of options to get you what you need.

If you think you could use us on your side, we’d love to hear from you. Just give us a call.

IPEC and High Court Litigation in the UK

When it comes to the crunch we don’t shy away from litigation

We do litigation. But because we don’t rely on litigation we are in the best position to use it, as it should be. To achieve the right commercial result.

We’ve brought the best bits with us from the big firms and left the red tape behind. We’re the David when you want to take on Goliath. When litigation is the answer, we’ll streamline the proceedings to make life as easy as possible for you. When we give you recommendations, they’ll be clear and simple – even when the issues are muddy and complex.

Our clients find our approach refreshing. We make sure your costs don’t spiral out of control and your commercial focus is never lost.

We look at each client and each case individually. So to find out more about the full scope of what we can do for you, ring us for a chat. We’re on 01223 435240

Online brand enforcement packages

The intimidating world of online enforcement. Handled

We’re inventing the ever-changing wheel of online enforcement. We’re specialists in this, it’s what we do.

The world of online brand enforcement can be daunting. It has appeared out of nowhere and morphs constantly. So our whole existence from day one has been built on the need for IP specialists who can handle this amongst all your other IP legal needs. We adapt as the world adapts.

At Stobbs we don’t do standard. Because your needs aren’t. We tailor your online enforcement strategy to your needs, whatever they are.

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Management of enforcement activities around the world

We have great relationships the world over

We have a brilliant network of contacts overseas. And being unaffiliated, we pick and choose the right match for your needs.

We work with multiple firms in any given jurisdiction. That way their strengths become yours too. Building these relationships means we make sure our overall approach and strategy stays the same, no matter who we need to add to your team. Our practical approach keeps everything on track regardless of the time zone.

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