We’ll let others tell you why we aren’t your run of the mill IP law firm

“There was a gap in the market between law firms, trade mark attorney groups and creative brand consultancies, and Julius Stobbs has filled it”

“His knowledge of trademark law is virtually unmatched”, “However, people shouldn’t think of it as the Julius Stobbs show –he’s built a stable of really high-class attorneys”. Stobbs “hires the smartest people who understand what clients need and who then deliver it in a user-friendly way”

We’ve based our business around what you want from us rather than what we think you want. We offer everything you need, from A to Z. We know your company’s IP challenges are unique so our services are tailored to build and deliver the most strategic, efficient (yes financially too) and effective solutions for you.

Give us a call if you want us to work with you, your way.

NB: Quotes taken from World Trade Mark Review 2016