Brand licensing

Why complicate things? We do it all

We do brand licensing like no other. Instead of the normal confusion running from one consultant to another, Stobbs let’s you do it all in one place.

We handle the whole story: strategic brand consultancy, brand creation, rights creation and management, enforcement activities, delivery of brand licensing deals, commercial services relating to those deals, and royalty audit and collection. Yes, everything. Because we can do this, we know the process and brand inside out. We make sure nothing is disjointed.

Being a guardian of your brand means knowing your brand strategy, health and value. Working this way means we make sure you don’t miss out on brilliant brand opportunities. We want to be your partner not your provider. It’s a complicated area. We have the experience to iron out the kinks.

If our way sounds like a move in the right direction, just give us a call 01223 435240