Our clients

“all are welcome (as long as you care about your brand)”

We work with a wide range of clients in the UK and abroad. Some are small companies or individuals. Others are some of the biggest brands of today. All are welcome. We do not
distinguish by size. We care about brands and are enthusiastic about protecting them, and doing it in the right way. We expect our clients to be the same.

We act for businesses in a very wide range of sectors, including telecoms, media, publishing, retail, professional services, food and drink to name a few. What connects all of our clients is their desire to obtain as strong a protection as is possible around their brands, and to manage and deal with them in a way which works well for their businesses.

We are proud of our clients and their achievements. We are proud that they have chosen us.

We are proud of any small part that we may have had in their success.