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  • Changes to Canadian Trade Mark Law
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    Last week was a busy week at Stobbs for IP events!
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    Two Warriors went in, but only one came out
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    Can Amazon’s new Project Zero be your brand’s hero?
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    World IP Day – IP & Sport
    When people think of Intellectual Property (IP), which hopefully people are on World IP Day, the mind tends to be drawn to some of the world’s biggest brands such as Apple, Google and Facebook. Something that does not immediately spring to mind is the world of sport...
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    Argos UK v Argos US: Order 002 to your collection point
    Argos UK v Argos US: Order 002 to your collection point The collection point was the Court of Appeal (CoA). The order, an appeal by Argos UK over Argos US’ use of Background We’ve previously written about the first inst...
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    Kluwer Trademark Blog – Brexit: Further extension granted, and more clarity from the EUIPO
    Strength and stability from the EUIPO post-Brexit 'flextension'. We share our thoughts on recent guidance from the EUIPO on the 
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    Seminar on Brand Protection, FMCGs and Lookalikes
    Catherine Byfield, Emma Reeve and Yana Zhou will be presenting at a seminar discussing “Brand Protection, FMCGs & Lookalikes - The Kit Kat Case & Other Developments” in London on 13 May 2019.   The seminar is designed for in-house counsel and will focus on ...
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    Non-use period reduced to 3 years in Australia
    The Australian Trade Mark law has recently undergone some changes, the most significant of which is an amendment to the time period before which a trade mark registration can be challenged for non-use.   Under the old system in Australia, an application to cancel a trade mark registrat...
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    …but can you still call it a Big Mac?
    There have been many posts and publications about the recent Cancellation Division’s decision in the BIG MAC case – but the question we are all wondering is – can you still call a Big Mac a Big Mac?   As many will know, Supermac sought to cancel McDonald’s EU Trade Mark No. 626...
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