About us

About us

“A virtual in house team on brands”

We are one of the youngest and fastest growing consultancies in our field.
Our philosophy is to seize the initiative; being proactive can provide a strategic advantage. We’re full of energy and fresh ideas. We’re flexible too and we work with you as part of your team.

The Stobbs business has been formed by an MBO of the Cambridge Trade Mark business of Ipulse. In only three years this business has been awarded Tier 1 status by The Legal 500, and has been ranked as one of the top trade mark firms in the UK by the World Trade Mark Review.

Intellectual Property can be difficult and complicated. Working with us is the opposite. We offer straightforward advice and help you secure IP, manage risk and exploit your rights.

The core of our team started life at Boult Wade Tennant, and were part of their trade mark team that were awarded Trade Mark Firm of the year in 2008 by Managing Intellectual Property.
We have lots of experience both at home and internationally in all fields of IP relating to brands and we’re unusual in that we combine commercial experience with legal expertise.
We also believe we offer real value for money in terms of our fees

Our approach

“Our advice will vary depending on who you are, but our approach will not”

Many of our competitors see IP in black and white. An arena of ‘yes’ and ‘no’ or ‘right’ and ‘wrong’. This is IP by the rule book.
At Stobbs we explore the possibilities and the potential. We consider the ‘what ifs’; we deal in the ‘might’ and the ‘may’. We thrive in the grey area.
There’s no mystery in our methods, no smoke and mirrors. Our approach is based on intellectual acumen, ceaseless energy and the ability to zig when others zag.

We’re straightforward and committed to clarity; some of our clients have described us as ‘refreshingly down-to-earth’ and ‘free from legal mumbo jumbo’.
We talk in plain English and shun legal pretence. Indeed, you could say we’re all about de-intellectualising Intellectual Property.
It’s an approach we think is different. We call it ‘Straight-Up IP’.


“Like what you hear? Why not work with us?”
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