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  • Non-use period reduced to 3 years in Australia
    The Australian Trade Mark law has recently undergone some changes, the most significant of which is an amendment to the time period before which a trade mark registration can be challenged for non-use.   Under the old system in Australia, an application to cancel a trade mark registrat...
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    …but can you still call it a Big Mac?
    There have been many posts and publications about the recent Cancellation Division’s decision in the BIG MAC case – but the question we are all wondering is – can you still call a Big Mac a Big Mac?   As many will know, Supermac sought to cancel McDonald’s EU Trade Mark No. 626...
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    009 – Licence to Brexit
    The UKIPO have announced the numbering system it will use when creating the UK version of existing EUTMs in the event of a no-deal UK exit from the EU.   Currently the plan is that right holders with an existing EUTM will have a new UK equivalent right granted that will come into force...
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    Kluwer Trademark Blog – Brexit: The road keeps turning
    What does yesterday's parliamentary defeat of Theresa May's Brexit deal mean for IP? We set out our thoughts on the Kluwer Trademark Bl...
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    ‘Potatoes, it cannot be denied, are vegetables’ – The General Court takes an EXXTRA DEEP look at what makes a crisp
    PepsiCo, Inc. v EUIPO (Intersnack Group GmbH & Co. KG) – T-82/17
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