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  • Uncorking the World of Counterfeit Wines
    With bottles of wine auctioned at upwards of £5,000 a case, the fine wine industry is undoubtedly a lucrative one.  However, the exclusivity of the fine wine market, the subjective nature of the value of wine and the intangible nature of those factors which influence wines’ value have togethe...
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    Merry Christmas from Stobbs!
    Stobbs would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas!  
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    Kluwer trademark blog – Pick your battles! Localised goodwill defeats later UKTM
    In a post on the Kluwer Trademark Blog, Stobbs discusses the Court of Appeal’s decision on when local goodwill can be used to invalidate a later trade mark registration.   The full article can be found
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    The Twelve Fake Days of Christmas
    As a recent post from the UKIPO's blog pointed out, everyone loves a bargain, especially when buying last-minute Christmas presents. But ...
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    Protecting artworks as trade marks: Contrary to public policy and accepted principles of morality?
    A recent case has explored whether out-of-copyright artworks can be protected as trade marks, and under what circumstances this might be possible.   In an appeal brought by the Municipality of Oslo against a decision of the NIPO (the Norwegian Intellectual Property Office), the NIPO Bo...
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    Stobbs in the CITMA Review – Snail mail is stopped
    In an article for this month’s CITMA Review, Carrie Bradley comments on the UKIPO’s decision in an opposition to the mark SNAIL MAIL, filed on the basis of earlier rights in MAIL (
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    The Brexit IP doomsday scenario spelled out – EUIPO gets frank with EUTM and RCD owners about what happens if the UK lands “no deal”
    On 5th December the European Commission and the EUIPO issued this notice to E...
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    New edition of the Nice Classification coming 1 January 2018
    On 1 January 2018, the 2018 version of the 11th edition of the Nice Classification will come into force. WIPO will apply the new version for any international applications received by WIPO on or after 1 January 2018. The new version will be accessible via the following link: 
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    Baby Steps towards UK Protection of TV Formats
    TV formats are big business – from the X-Factor (recreated in over 50 countries) to Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? (in over 100). There is money to be made in trading in reality TV and gameshow formats but the ability to exploit them is not straightforward. There is no separat...
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    Stobbs brand films now have a permanent home on our website!
    Last week we were delighted to be able to share with you the Stobbs brand films which we put together to really bring home how we at Stobbs are different.   These have a permanent home on our website ( if you want to re-watch them!
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