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  • Tripadvisor LLC v Handsam Limited
    TripAdvisor opposed the UK trade mark application HANDSAM SCHOOL TRIP ADVISOR (stylised), based on their own stylised TRIPADVISOR mark. This opposition was only partially successful, with many key specifications allowed to remain in the application. Notably, the opposition failed with regards ...
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    Bomb disposal drama at UKIPO
    This blog post might not pass as ‘legal’ news (strictly speaking), but it is at least vaguely IP related … The BBC has reported that bomb disposal experts had to be called out to the UKIPO government building in N...
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    Do “THANKS” or “THANK YOU” warrant trade mark protection?
    US trade mark infringement proceedings over the use of the term “Thanks” are reported to have been dropped.  The action was brought by Citigroup against the telecoms company AT&T for the alleged infringement of their US trade mark registrations, including “
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    Made in Chelsea
    Following on from the issue of the rights in the JOSE MOURINHO trade mark last season (here), Chelsea FC are back in the
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    EUIPO Introduces Expedited Appeals
    Good news for brand owners – the EUIPO will now offer expedited proceedings whereby the Boards of Appeal will treat ‘exceptionally urgent’ appeal cases with priority. Of course, requests for such priority treatment (i.e. being heard out of chronological order) will not be granted lightly...
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    A UK trade mark application involving no conflict with a third party very rarely makes the mainstream news. But last week the application at the UK Intellectual Property Office to register the mark “SHOULD’VE” in the name of Specsavers B.V caused significant interest in the media (see here ...
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    Kluwer Trademark Blog: Glaxo v Sandoz
    In an article for the Kluwer Trademark Blog, Julius Stobbs looks at the interesting  UK High Court decision in
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    HP fails to FORTIFY trade mark protection
    A recent decision of the CJEU has upheld the General Court’s decision that an application to register the mark FORTIFY in Class 9 should be refused. In 2013, Hewlett Packard Development Company LP ('HP') applied to register the mark FORTIFY as an EUTM for Class 9 sof...
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    For the Love of Purple
    For those who have been following the Cadbury purple saga (see relevant court decision here), Glaxo v Sandoz is a case which involved another shade of purple.
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    Rio Olympic 2016: Rule 40 – Use of athletes’ images
    Few might realise that the athletes who are competing in the Rio 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games (‘the Games’) are restricted (under Rule 40 of the Olympic Charter) from allowing their name, picture/image, or sports performances to be used for advertising purposes (by any non-o...
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