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  • Cayman Islands to pass new trade mark law
    The Cayman Islands is expected to pass a new trade mark law next month, for implementation some time in 2017. The new law will end the practice of protecting marks in the Cayman Islands by extending an existing UK or EU registration. Instead, applications will need to be filed directly with the C...
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    Mad Catz escape without a scratch, as purr usual
    In a recent General Court decision, Monster Energy Company was unsuccessful in an attempt to prevent registration of two stylised marks in the name of Mad Catz Interactive, Inc. Following the Board of Appeal decision, the General Court’s decision hinges on the conceptual similarity between the ...
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    Wi-Fi? Why not: CJEU Rules Public Wi-Fi Providers not Liable
    Following on from Tommy Hilfiger C-494/15, the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) has provided a further decision concerning third party intermediaries’ liability for...
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    BHS “Brand Revival”
    The BBC reported yesterday (here) that “collapsed retailer BHS is to relaunch as an online shop”. This would seem to be the new commercial option for former high street stores (and indeed banks – e.g. plans to relaun...
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    ICELAND v ICELAND and the “chilling” effect of an EU Trade Mark containing a country name
    An interesting little article touching on the issue of geographic places as trade marks on the BBC news Wales site this afternoon (here) begins “British supermarket Iceland could face a legal battle to save its n...
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    Hyperlinking is Lawful, says CJEU, BUT…
    The Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) has recently provided a landmark ruling on copyright-protected works shared via hyperlinks in the case
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    Article 28(8) – Two Weeks to Go
    Do you own any EUTMs that were filed prior to 22 June 2012?  Do any of them contain a claim to an official “class heading” in the specification?  If so, you may benefit from filing a declaration under Article 28(8) of the amended EU Trade Mark Regulation to clarify the breadth of coverage y...
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    A Jacuzzi in a Jeep, drinking Coke and playing Ping Pong: Generic Trade Marks
    This week’s Economist has an article on Uber transforming the future of transport. On page 9, it begins with “Let’s Uber”. This is interesting. Few companies offer a product or service so popular that their name becomes a verb. Another brand which can claim to be a part of this p...
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    Kluwer Trademark Blog: SHOULD’VE been in the news
    In an article for the Kluwer Trademark Blog, Julius Stobbs looks at the mainstream media interest in the Specsaver...
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    Apple and Pear Australia Ltd and Star Fruits Diffusion v EUIPO and Carolus C. BVBA
    It has all gone rather pear-shaped for Apple and Pear Australia Limited and Star Fruits Diffusion (the Appellants), as the CJEU (decision in Case C‑226/15 P, found
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