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  • Fair(trade) marks and Cadbury and other flavours of trade mark
    Earlier this month the BBC noted here that Cadbury is to abandon its use of the Fairtrade certification mark on its products in favour of a new in-house fair trade scheme called 'Cocoa Life'. Whether you are for or against Cadbury's decis...
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    From Frosty to Frozen: Iceland and Iceland
    The Icelandic Government has recently filed (here) an invalidity action against the supermarket chain’s EU Trade Mark No. 2673374 ICELAND. It is
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    Conical Cup Conundrum
    The claimant in this action, George East Housewares Ltd (“GEH”),  owns the widely recognised UK brand ‘TALA’ which has been used in relation to conical kitchen measuring cups since 1934.  The cups are known for their conical shape with a small curved base. In 2013, G...
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    Copyright for the Digital Age
    The government is currently seeking views on a new draft copyright directive released by the EU with the aim of modernising copyright in the EU. The scope of the proposed new legislation is broad, covering access to copyright content for people who are visually impaired or otherwise print disa...
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    Has Morrisons found a SAFEWAY into the convenience sector?
    The issue of brand resurrection has been back in the news this week as Morrisons, the UK’s fourth largest supermarket chain, announced its intention to revive the SAFEWAY brand.  In 2017, SAFEWAY will return after an absence of more than a decade following the Yorkshire-based grocer’s acquis...
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    UK and India Enter Cooperative IP Agreement
    UK Prime Minister Theresa May and India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi have witnessed the signature of a landmark Memorandium of Understanding (“MOU”) between the UK and India. Having been drafted in collaboration by the UKIPO and the Indian Department of Industrial Policy & Promotio...
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    Intellectual Property Magazine: ICELAND v ICELAND
    Following on from the Icelandic Government's intimation of a possible lawsuit against UK supermarket chain Iceland, Carrie Bradley and Savan Bains look at the logistics of trad...
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    Game Over for Rubik’s Cube EU 3D Trade Mark
    The court of final appeal on EU trade mark matters has today ruled that a “3D trade mark...
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    New style Toblerone – Creating gaps in your trade mark protection
    Confectionery manufacturer Mondelez has announced that it is changing the design of some of its Toblerone bars to put bigger gaps between the triangular sections. The change has sparked outrage among some fans. But what does it mean for Mondelez’s trade mark registrations? The manufacturer h...
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    Feedback on .feedback
    New gTLDs provide brand owners with alternatives to traditional domain suffixes such as .com and .net. However, as is often the case, with new opportunities come new problems…. De Beers, the diamond company, brought a domain name recovery action (UDRP) against the Registrant of debeers.feedb...
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