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  • Nestlé loses latest trade mark battle with Cadbury over KitKat shape
    Case comment: [2016] EWHC 50 (Ch) 20 January 2016 The Chancery Division of the High Court yesterday issued its judgment on the latest appeal concerning Nestlé’s attempt to register the 3D shape of its four-fingered bar. Sadly for Nestlé, in a double blow, Mr Justice Arnold dismissed their ap...
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    Possible Fee Reductions for UK Registered Designs
    Designers take note: the UKIPO has recently launched a consultation (found here) to reduce the filing and renewal fees for UK registered designs. The curren...
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    Review of United Kingdom Trade Marks and Design Decisions 2015
    In this article for the International Review of Intellectual Property and Competition Law, Julius Stobbs, Geoff Weller and
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    EU Trade Mark Reforms: Certification Marks
    A set of new provisions has been added by Regulation (EU) 2015/2424 in order to provide for the protection of EU-wide certification marks. Certification marks allow a certifying body (institution or organisation) to permit others to use a particular mark for the purpose of guaranteeing to the re...
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    EU Trade Mark Reform: Trade Mark Specifications
    One of the most significant aspects of the reforms relates to the way that the specifications of goods and services covered by EUTMs (previously CTMs) will be interpreted in the future.  All EUTM owners affected by these reforms must take action before 24 September 2016 in order...
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    EU Trade Mark Reform – New Official Fee Structure
      The proposals for an amended fee structure for Community Trade Marks (soon to be 'European Trade Marks' or 'EUTMs') mostly impact the application and renewal fees, although changes can be seen across the full spectrum. The new EUTM filing fees will be charged upon a per-class basis, movi...
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    EU Trade Mark Reform – New Names and Terminology
    As mentioned in yesterday’s post, trade mark law in Europe will undergo a rather significant reform in the next few months with the new Regulation relating to the Community T...
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    A Present for 2016 – the EU Trade Mark Reform Legislative Package
    Just before Christmas the “EU trade mark reform legislative package” was formally published. This makes significant changes to the trade mark systems in the EU at a national and supranational level. The package comprises a new Directive, which harmonises the trade mark laws of the EU Member S...
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