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  • The Best And Worst Branding of 2016
    An interesting article here by Fast Company on The Best And Worst Branding One thing that stands out to us from the examples cited is the continued move to cleaner, simpler brand asse...
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    Marks of Allegiance: Flags – The Original Brand?
    Among the many notable obituaries of 2016, one that caught our eye was Whitney Smith’s in The Economist (here). Whitney Smith was the world...
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    All I want for Christmas is…a trade mark application?
    The UKIPO and EUIPO will be closed for a number of days over the Christmas period, but it’s still possible to file online trade mark applications when the offices are closed. That set us wondering: does anyone actually file trade mark applications on Christmas Day?   The answer is: y...
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    Design right infringement all locked up
    In a recent case on UK Unregistered Designs Rights (“UK UDR”), IPEC considered what rights resided in plastic lockers. Action Storage Systems Limited (“Action”) brought a claim against G-Force Limited and Fletcher European Containers Limited (“Defendants”) for the infrin...
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    4-bar to registration: KitKat – use on the right goods, in the right place, in the right way
    On Thursday, the General Court (GC) annulled the Board of Appeal’s decision on the validity of Nestlé’s EUTM shape registration for its 4-bar KitKat. The
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    Another blow for Nestlé’s KitKat
    The confectionery giant was recently dealt another blow by the Singapore Court of Appeal at the end of last month.   Nestlé had appealed the Singapore High Court’s decision of November 2014, which found that Nestlé’s KitKat shape marks were invalid and therefore not infringed by ...
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    Amazon No
    Recent reports indicate that the makers of the Snuggie blanket are suing online retailer Amazon for offering counterfeit stock. Snuggie claims that Amazon has wilfully allowed the sa...
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    SHOULD’VE got there first
    As was discussed at the time of application, Specsavers have recently obtained a trade mark registration for SHOULDVE and SHOULD’VE at the UKIPO; this being the first element of ...
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    Whatever Happened To Advertising? – Radio 4
    Radio 4’s 'In Business' programme last night (listen here) offered a very interesting insight into cutting-edge marketing and how brands are dealing with and embracing new media and technology and its pros and cons. There wa...
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    Kluwer Trademark Blog: “Plumbing” the issue of Honest Concurrent Use & AdWords
    In an article for the Kluwer Trademark Blog, Julius Stobbs looks at the recent UK High Court (‘HC’) decision i...
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