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  • Michael Gleissner Strikes Again
    The summer, a time of inactivity: the media was in ‘silly season’, MPs recessed from parliament, and people holidayed. One person who kept busy, however, was Michael Gleissner (aka Mickmeister and Ken Arden), entertainment tycoon and mysterious IP bandit. Gleissner’s activities have been...
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    UKIPO publishes its annual IP Crime and Enforcement Report
    The UKIPO have published their Annual IP Crime and Enforcement Report: 2016 to 2017. This highlights current and emerging counterfeiting and piracy th...
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    Stobbs in the CITMA Review – Visii prompts revisitation
    In an article for this month’s CITMA Review, Victoria Leach comments on the UKIPO's decision in an opposition filed against an application for the mark VISII (O/263/17). The articl...
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    The EU27 set out their stall on post-Brexit IP
    At the end of last week as the UK parliament began discussing the EU Withdrawal Bill, the EU issued its position paper on Intellectual Property...
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    Stobbs in the CITMA Review – Losing its marbles
    In an article for this month’s CITMA Review, Katherine Thompson comments on the IPEC decision in Kombinat AD v Fox Marble Holdings plc ([2017] EWHC 1408), looking at whether the use made ...
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    Tiffany’s triumph costs Costco $19.4million
    The world famous jewellery company Tiffany & Co. has received a damages award of $19.4million in a US trade mark battle with Costco Wholesale Corp (Costco) concerning ‘Tiffany’ rings. The battle began when Tiffany sued Costco on Valentine’s Day in 2013.   The case concerned o...
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    A Kick Off the Old Block
    Fantasy Football teams have been picked and this season’s strips bought, but where’s that illegal stream?   The Football Association recently obtained a season-long High Court injunction (her...
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    Kluwer Trademark Blog – UK Supreme Court confirms there are no grey areas when it comes to grey goods
    In a post on the Kluwer Trademark Blog, Stobbs discusses the Supreme Court's decision confirming that the sale of grey goods can be subject to criminal sanctions. The full article can be found
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    The demand letter that went viral
    If you’re a small business who feels intimidated by a demand letter from a bigger brand owner with deeper pockets, then the most obvious recourse does not lie in the law. In today’s New Media Age, you may decide to post the letter on social media and see if you can create enough of a PR disas...
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    Amazon’s Alexa runs rings around the USPTO
    If, like me, you love your tech, you will be all too familiar with Amazon’s Echo by now. The Echo devices have taken the market by storm and are among the most popular of home automation devices, making use of Amazon’s intuitive Alexa assistant. Naturally, Amazon has sought to protect its ...
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