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  • Kluwer Trademark Blog – Should own name still be a valid defence for corporate entities?
    In a post on the Kluwer Trademark Blog, Stobbs discusses the decision by the High Court not to refer a question regarding the own name defence to the CJEU. The case raises questions about the divergence of UK and EU law, both pre- and post-Brexit. The full article can be found
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    WEETABIX v WEET-BIX: A predictable trade mark battle?
    The antipodean food company, Sanitarium, has recently been successful in having a consignment of the UK breakfast cereal WEETABIX impounded by New Zealand customs officials.  The basis for Sanitarium’s complaint was that the WEETABIX brand is confusingly similar to, and therefore infringes, it...
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    Brazil Set to Join International Trade Mark System
    The Brazilian Minister of Industry, Foreign Trade and Services has indicated Brazil’s intention to join the International Trade Mark System. However, Brazil will require further time to iron out how this will work in practice, as it must tackle a number of issues internally including:  ...
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    The Appointed Person issues their first decision on a UK Registered Design
    We have now had the first decision by the Appointed Person in relation to a UK IPO decision concerning a UK registered design.  For many years, the Appointed Person has been a speedie...
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    BMW finishes first in appeal
    The Court of Appeal (CoA) has recently decided on an appeal by BMW relating to its dispute with Technosport, a garage in North West London (see the full decision here). You can read our mo...
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    Kluwer Trademark Blog – Brexit: Way forward no clearer following UK general election
    In a post on the Kluwer Trademark Blog, Stobbs comments on the fallout from the UK general election, and its implications for Brexit.   The full article can be found
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    Is Louboutin walking a thin red line?
    Advocate General Szpunar has recently given his opinion on the question of whe...
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    British IP Day: 5 July
    Today marks the second annual British IP Day, a celebration of all things IP-related to come out of Blighty, spearheaded by the Alliance for Intellectual Property. To celebrate, the Alliance is hosting a drop-in event in the House of Commons for creatives to meet with their Member of Parliament. ...
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    SINGHSBURY’S and MORRISINGHS: Harmless fun or flagrant infringement?
    When brand-related commercial disputes are publicised in our media, typically the media sympathises with the underdog, rightly or wrongly, particularly where the small company or individual concerned finds itself embroiled in a David-versus-Goliath battle with a major multinational.  The resulti...
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    Celebrity brand endorsements on social media – what are the rules?
    Consumers are no strangers to seeing products and services endorsed or promoted on popular social media platforms by high-profile celebrities. Most celebrities have hundreds of thousands (and in some cases, millions) of followers with whom they are able to communicate instantly and in real time. ...
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