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  • An ENIGMAtic brand name
    Brands can sometimes pop up in the most surprising of places. At a team building event yesterday, we were fascinated to learn that ENIGMA, the famous WWII cipher machine, started out as a brand name. We were even lucky enough to see an original machine, with the stylised ENIGMA mark on it: &nb...
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    Stobbs takes part in EUIPO decision auditing
    Since the beginning of the initiative last year, Stobbs has been taking part in the EUIPO Stakeholder Quality Assurance Panel Project, in which users representing ten User Associations are invited to perform quality-checking audits on EUIPO decisions. An important stage in the EUIPO’s overall q...
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    Kluwer Trademark Blog – (SKY)KICKing important questions of clarity and bad faith from the UK to the CJEU
    In a post on the Kluwer Trademark Blog, Stobbs comments on the recent referral to the CJEU in Sky v Skykick.   The full article can be found 
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    Swiss Military trade mark fight
    This news item on Reuters and the BBC recently caught my eye. This conc...
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    UKIPO update – Government begins consultation on implementing the new EUTM Directive
    Today marks the start of the consultation on how to implement the new EUTM Directive into UK law, with details being published
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    Coty gets luxury treatment in a preliminary ruling from the CJEU
    The dispute (
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    Stobbs in the CITMA Review – Face-off: Swatch took just ‘one more step’ too far
    In February's CITMA Review, Yana Zhou comments on the UKIPO's decision on Apple Inc.'s opposition to Swatch's applications for SWATCH ONE MORE THING and ONE MORE THING (
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    iPad, Mi Pad, Your Pad?
    Apple has successfully opposed Xiaomi, Inc.’s EU trade mark application for the word MI PAD in Classes 9 and 38 in the General Court ruling in
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    Does that taste like Champagne to you?
    At the end of last year, the CJEU gave its preliminary ruling on four questions which had been asked by the German Federal Court in respect of a dispute between Aldi and the CIVC (an association of champagne producers).   The questions posed to the CJEU revolved around the scope of pro...
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