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  • Making .UK OK: Agencies Refer Record Numbers of UK Domains
    A recent report by Nominet (infographic here), the operator of UK-b...
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    Red Bull left feeling blue (and silver)
    All trade marks are equal, but some are more equal than others. Colour marks have long faced a higher hurdle to registration than their word and device counterparts, with applicants required to show acquired distinctiveness for colour marks to be registrable. Red Bull had no problem satisfying th...
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    Kluwer Trademark Blog – Brexit: High Law Society
    In a post on the Kluwer Trademark Blog, Stobbs comments on the recommendations on post-Brexit IP made on behalf of the UK's main IP professions.   The full article can be found 
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    Hitting the right notes – Florence Foster Jenkins provides helpful guidance on joint ownership of copyright
    It’s not often that IPEC decisions rival the drama of the silver screen, but the recent decision from Hacon J regarding the film Florence Foster Jenkins provided plenty of drama,...
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    The Power and Penumbra of Unfair Advantage
    This case concerns an application for invalidity brought by Duracell Batteries BVBA (“Duracell”) against two UK trade mark registrations owned by Powercell Beverages Ltd (“Powercell”), summarised below.   Whilst typically it is difficult to bring reputation-based cases for unfa...
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    British Airways’ wings clipped by Michael Gleissner
    We've come to expect a steady stream of trade mark decisions involving Michael Gleissner. We have previously reported on this enigmatic and admonished trade mark troll (see
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    Stobbs in the CITMA Review – Most UKIPO appearances 2013-2017
    The New Year offers a time to look back and reflect on the previous year. A recent article in the CITMA ...
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